Instructions for placing!

Your wall should be clean, dry, smooth, dirt and dust free.

If freshly painted or plastered wait 4-6 weeks before installing as adhesive may not bond correctly.
If wall is painted with silk (shiny) paint this must be roughened with sandpaper first.

We recommend using a wallpaper primer before installation. Mark walls using a pencil and spirit level to ensure strips are applied straight.

Mix your wallpaper paste, sprinkle powder into cold water. Stir and leave for 15 minutes to expand. Stir before use.

Non-Woven (Vlies) paper (white back): Apply paste to the wall. Spread a thin, uniform layer on wall with a brush or roller where strip is to be placed.

Do not paste entire wall in one go as paste may dry before applying all the strips. Apply strip to wall.

We recommend using 2 people to align strips. Take care to avoid ripping or creasing paper.

Do NOT fold paper strips before applying. When applied, smooth strip carefully with a rubber roller to remove air bubbles

Apply remaining strips taking care to match up image. We recommend hanging in this order.

Remove excess paste if needed with a slightly damp cloth, taking care to not place excessive pressure on paper. Allow to dry at a constant temperature of approximately 20c for 24 hours.

Important: Close windows and doors, and switch on air conditioning/air vents to avoid draughts as drying too quickly can cause strips to distort and/or crack.

When dry, trim excess with a SHARP knife and straight edge. Warning: If paper is wet ripping many occur.

Outside of EU: Adhesive may not be included in your item due to customs restrictions, please use standard wallpaper adhesive premixed or powder and follow mixing instructions provided. This can be purchased from most major hardware stores. You will need approximately 60g (2.1oz) of powdered paste for a XXXL mural.