How to choose a wall mural?

How to choose a wall mural?

If you have decided to put a wall mural at home, you need to think well before buying one, because it has to match well with the colors and the style of your home. This is why in the next sentences, we will be mainly talking about how to choose a wall mural. The choice of colors and patterns is something that you need to be careful with because it depends on what kind of room you will get. You can have a cozy seating area or an elegant relaxation room.

                              Thousand flowers wallpaper - 3102

                              watercolor painted flowers wall decal - 13528

                              Roses and ranuculus bouquet wallpaper - 13525

                              wildflowers wall poster - 13512

                              Wall Mural - 13590

If you want a romantic bedroom, the right choice is gentle, neutral, and mostly pastel colors. For example, wall murals with flowers are a good way to give a romantic atmosphere to the room. The wall murals with abstract figures are the way to make the room more spacious and brighter. Another solution to make your bedroom attractive and fresh is by putting a wall mural on one wall. You just need to make the right combination of the wallpaper with the color of the walls. Be careful with the style of the interior design, as well.

                              Gypsum palm leaves 3D effect wall decor -10052

                              Orchid themed milky color wall mural - 2891

                              Abstract wallpaper with flowers - 3375

                              Golden circles abstract wall mural - 10296

                              Abstract curves and colors wall mural - 10004

Another important thing when choosing wall murals is the size of the room. If the room is small and the furniture is light, the wall mural should be in the same light tone - white, golden beige, light green, ocher, unsaturated orange. This will keep the feeling of free space. Otherwise, the room can become a dark "box". If the room is large, you can play with the contrast between light and dark colors. In our online store there are a lot of different options from which you can choose. Think about which one will be best for your home and order it, and enjoy free shipping within 5-6 days after the order date.

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